Topograhic Features

  • Full on-line map management through Bing Maps™ sat view.
  • Full off-line map management by using maps pre-loaded by the user.
  • Ozi Explorer™ and MrSID™ maps support.
  • Automatic zoom level detection and map switch, when more than one scale available.
  • User defined map activation, in order to allow multiple thematic maps at the same scale. User decides which one to show at any given time.
  • One-tap on screen coordinates conversion, between DMT, DMS, UTM, MGRS, WGS84, ED1950.
  • All coordinates formats summarized for each waypoint in WP list view.
  • Direction between any two waypoints in degrees or mils.
  • Distance between any two waypoints in meters or nautical miles.
  • Altitude difference between any two waypoints in meters or vertical angle in mils.
  • Waypoint generation from map, from coordinates or by using projection from any other waypoint.
  • In waypoint creation screen, all coordinates formats supported.
  • GPS accuracy always shown in map view.
  • Ground, Helicopter and Boat navigation modes selectable.

Fire Control

  • Safe attack heading for laser designation automatically derived and shown in map view.
  • 9 line automatic generation (IP, direction, distance, coordinates, friendly position and danger close check are filled in by the app).
  • Call for fire automatic generation (coordinates, direction and distance are filled in by the app).
  • Emergency CAS briefing automatic generation.
  • Danger close graphic and distance check for GBU-12, 16, 10, 24, 38, 32, 31, 39, agm 65, gau-12, artillery and naval gunfire. Extra bombs / weapons easily added by the user.
  • Target location error always included in JDAM effect radius for maximum safety.
  • Artillery and mortar max ranges shown on map together with Gun-to-target lines toselected target.
  • Cardinals, artillery and keyhole overlays in map view. Gun-to-target lines shown on keyhole for integrated controls.

System features

  • Wired or wireless connection to any device equipped with an RS-232 serial input/output (like radios, external GPS or Laser Range Finders).
  • Automatic target creation when data are received from an LRF, with software based
  • Magnetic Variation correction and dynamic calculation of TLE based on compass accuracy, laser accuracy and distance to target.
  • Blue Force Tracking of any unit (ground, hely or boat) equipped with BFT compatible radios.
  • One-tap target sharing through compatible radios.
  • Wireless encrypted in-app video streaming from any analog video source (local sensors, ROVER™, etc.) connected to a RebelBox (sold separately), up to 1 km away.